Beisswenger Staff

Mark BeisswengerMark Beisswenger, Owner

Since he could count to ten, Mark has been working at Beisswenger’s Hardware, which was founded by his family in 1919. Mark knows hardware like no one else, and is thrilled to provide customers with the largest variety of products in one stop. Since 1991, Mark has leveraged his personal passion for birds by growing the store’s birdhouse and birdfeeder department into the largest selection in the Midwest.

Jim NeumanJim Neumann, Co-Owner

Working at Beisswenger’s since he was 15 years old, Jim’s mission is to ensure customers get the personalized, responsive service they need. Now co-owner of the store, Jim has his hands in everything, and enjoys working across departments to guarantee that Beisswenger’s offers quality service and products no matter what the customer needs. His primary area of expertise is hardware – but ask him anything, and you’re sure to get a helpful response.

Gail BeisswengerGail Beisswenger, Office Manager

As office manager at Beisswenger’s, Gail keeps the team in check to ensure everything in the business runs smoothly. When the pressure is on, Gail keeps everyone organized and calm so customers are always satisfied, even on the busiest days.

Beisswenger StaffJeannie O., Birdfeeder/Houses Department Manager

Our resident avian expert, Jeannie knows everything about birds, from the varieties native to Minnesota and what they like to eat, to how to attract these beautiful creatures to your property. Ask for Jeannie when you visit the largest birdhouse and feeder selection in the Midwest – you won’t find anyone more knowledgeable or helpful in the field.

Mark Armstead, Your Lawn and Garden Manager

With over 25 years of experience, Mark is is here to help you with your lawn and garden. Mark began his career as a “greenhouse grower”, eventually finding his way into retail garden centers. He claims to be the ultimate plant geek! Just conversing with him, you can hear the passion in what he does. Mark loves spending time outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, and of course, gardening.