A Centennial in the Making

You may or may not know, 2019 marked a centennial in the making for Beisswenger’s Hardware and Power Equipment in New Brighton. Yes, 100 years is a milestone that not many businesses can proclaim. From the turn of the clock on December 31st, 2018 our celebration began. Beisswenger’s now belongs to a list of distinctive businesses that have managed to survive time, turmoil, development, a passing of the torch to the next generation, and still make a positive visible presence in the community. And of course the challenges of continuing to operate as a local, neighborhood hardware store in the days of big boxes. A challenges we gladly accept!

It’s History Folks!

The Beisswenger family have played an integral role in the New Brighton Community. The Beisswenger family settled in New Brighton before it wasNew Brighton, MN first residents Jacob and Caroline Beisswenger 100 years centennial officially proclaimed as a city. Jacob and Caroline Beisswenger were one of five families that moved into the area, but the first to officially stay. The business itself began like most, a small stand with an idea. They sold their wares at the market before purchasing an old building and setting up shop. What started as a hardware and grocery store has gone through many changes over the years….furniture, appliances, gift shop before currently settling on hardware and power equipment. We are a second generation business with Mark Beisswenger as owner. He loves retail. And, like his father before him, you can still find him at the store almost everyday. So yes, this is a big deal for us.

For more on New Brighton history check out this link!

About to Party!

The momentum and festivities mounted as we approached our centennial anniversary date of June 7th. And, we had a “Party in the Parking Lot” set for Saturday, June 8th, 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm. Our committee members included Mark Beisswenger, Jim Neumann, Steve Bien, Al Morelli, Dawn Tereau, and Mark Armstead. These folks were tasked with the small details.


100year centennial Beisswenger's Perry Carlson Wood cutter

Perry Carlson, Minnesota native chainsaw artist and woodcarver joined us for a four day Power Equipment event that began June 6th. The guy was an animal and had that chainsaw going all day…wood chips everywhere! He made some fantastic items.



Party in the Parking Lot

June 8th, 2019

Oh what fun we had! A Centennial in the making! We constantly hear stories from those who have shopped from the old stores. The old wooden floors, being able to see down to the basement or up to the second floor, and product along every inch. We may be in a newer store but the dedication to you as a customer has not faltered. Our buyers brought in a ton of items that were offered on special for $19.19 throughout the store!  

Festivities began at 10 am and lasted until 5 pm.

Let’s Make a Deal Prize giveaways every 10 minutes

Free games for the kids 10 am to 4 pm

Petting zoo from 11 am to 1 pm

The Employee Dunk Tank of Doom 10 am to 4 pm

(all of the proceeds being donated to local charities)

New Brighton’s “4 plus 1 band” rounds out the day under the tent  

There was food, giveaways and most of all fun! I think the Beisswenger’s went a little crazy with the giveaways, they seemed to call out those winning numbers faster and faster as the day went on. We watched as some our favorite employees got dunked in the water tank of doom, with all of the proceeds going to a local charity!

Beisswenger’s Hot Dog and a Pop Meal was back, but this time we added 1919 Rootbeer to commemorate the occasion for a whopping $0.50. And for those who love BBQ, a Pulled Pork topped with Cole Slaw sandwich just $3.50. 

100 year centennial Beisswenger's Neil Freeman My BOB CountryParking space was limited as we closed off the front drive of the store. Cars were parked along the side of the building, the back parking lot, even………was kind enough to allow us employee parking in their lot.



My BOB Country kicked off the day with “live” broadcasts from 11 am to 2 pm. Neil Freeman joined our staff and joined in the fun. It was amazing to see all his fans, he sure does have a following!


100 year centennial Beisswenger's

Ron Schara and Raven made an appearance from 1 pm to 3 pm and joined the fun. Raven was pretty awesome and mellow. He was so patient with the kids. Either that or he loved all that attention, and reveled in all those scratches and petting.


    Bailey Nursery attended with their “Endless Summer” van….spending the day with us. We surrounded the van with “Summer Crush Hydrangeas”. With Father’s Day just a week away, we had a Hydrangeaganza! There was special pricing on the newest introduction to the Endless Summer line of Hydrangeas, Summer Crush. Some folks were thrilled to bring home a great, new Hydrangeas for a really good price.

100 Years Centennial Endless Summer Bailey Nursery 

At Bailey Nursery, they are all about growing. And they invite you to grow along with them.



In the meantime, we would love to hear your stories, get copies of photos from past employees and the Beisswenger business (old and new), the funny antics, and the weird world of craziness. If you see past staff, have them contact us!

Beisswenger’s Hardware and Power Equipment has been serving the New Brighton , Minnesota area since 1919! We are committed to providing top notch customer service and great products to the greater Twin Cities area and communities of Ramsey CountyHennipen CountyWashington County, and Anoka County of south-central Minnesota. We offer over 67,000 items through our warehouse that can be shipped to your door, or to our store! The Twin Cities is home to many great attractions including the St. Paul SaintsMinnesota WildMinnesota VikingsMinnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota TwinsMinnesota LynxScience MuseumAmusement ParksState Parks, and more.

A Huge Thank You to those Vendors that support us through the great giveaways and special pricing!