Garden Solutions

Garden Solutions Made Easy

Mother Nature provides us with some spectacular and breathtaking beauty! She can also provide unlimited challenges for our landscapes. Gardening is a lifestyle for many of us, an extreme investment in time and money. Fertilizers and pest control applications are sometimes necessary to balance the scales. Our experts at Beisswenger’s are here to provide you with those garden solutions!

Programs Specifically Tailored for You!

At Beisswenger’s, we can help you build a resilient lawn through comprehensive, customized turf care programs. It all begins by assessing your individual needs. Our professionals diagnose and provide garden solutions for lawn invading insects, stubborn weeds or a fungal disease infestation.  From a growing grass in an overly shady piece of your property, to eradicating Creeping Charlie that seem to be taking over, our experts provide a no nonsense solution to pests or diseases that find their way into your turf. If finding a low-maintenance lawn solution is your choice, we can provide that too! After all, no two lawns are exactly the same. We customize care programs, designed specifically for you, in easy to understand terms.

If lawns are not your thing, and maybe edible or perennial gardening is, we have garden solutions covered here also. Seasonal and environmental fluctuations are constantly changing. These can provide challenges to a gardener that are sometimes unpredictable. Every year is different and no two problems are alike. Each species of plant may have their own particular symptoms. I have always said that if gardening was easy, everyone would do it. Our experts diagnose and provide the best garden solutions so that problems are stopped before they turn detrimental.

Garden Solutions by National Brands

Beisswenger’s Garden Center prides itself on having one of the most extensive inventories of plant health products. Every one of our products are selected especially for Minnesota’s lawn and gardening needs. They include locally sourced grass seed to products that eradicate local fungi. Our professionals stay current with all of the new technology and trends in garden solutions. Plant health products are available in liquid, granular, powder, organics and synthetics. Knowing which one is best can sometimes be a guessing game, each having its own attributes. Our experts are here to provide you with the “best” garden solutions to fit your lifestyle.

garden solutions

Beisswenger’s is proud to have partnered with the VPG brand (i.e. Hi Yield, Fertilome, and Natural Guard) as its dominant source in garden solutions. Our experts feel that the VPG brand has the most extensive line in gardening products manufactured for the specific needs of the gardener.