Outdoor Cooking

Your Outdoor Cooking Experience Begins Here

Minnesota has four seasons, and we use them all! There is no reason to stop cooking in the outdoors due to a little weather change. In fact, as Minnesotans, we thrive and look for new ways to take advantage of the seasons.

Summertime means baseball games, swimming pools, cabin weekends. Fall is a time of football and backyard fires among friends. And winter is simply a challenge and badge of honor to find out who can go to the extremes.

Whether you consider yourself a grill master or you struggle just to light the briquettes, the experts at Beisswenger’s will help you impress picky relatives with your outdoor cooking skills. From grills to smokers, gas to pellets, grilling utensils to seasonings, we have everything you need to master the art of cooking in the outdoors. The only decision for you is what’s for dinner?

Beisswenger’s offers only reliable, time-trusted brands such as Weber Grills, Louisiana Grills, Napoleon GrillsTraeger Grills, and Big Green Egg so you know your grilling plans won’t be spoiled by faulty equipment. We also carry a large supply of parts for Weber grills.

Your Choice in Outdoor Cooking Units

Big Green Egg

Weber Grills

Napoleon Grills

Louisiana Smoker

Traeger Grills

Char Broil

Outdoor Cooking Accessories

Often it takes special cooking utensils to ease the challenges of cooking outdoors. Heat resistant gloves, specialized cleaning products, and longer handled utensils may be needed to keep you safe from extreme heat. When cooking, racks, baskets, pans, and roasters will make the job easier. Weber Grills, Big Green Egg, and Napoleon Grills have developed cooking products to expand your foodie experience. 

Cooking Spices, Rubs, and Sauces

John Henry                                            Pig’s Ass Rub                                            Plowboy’s

Three Little Pigs                                    Bone Suckin Sauce                                  Rub Some

Louisiana Seasonings                           Kansas City Cowtown                             Fiorella’s

Killer Hog’s                                             Arthur Bryant’s                                        Rub It

Dizzy Pig                                                  Traeger Spices                                         Butt Rub                        


Charcoal, Chips, Pellets and Chunks

Cooking over a flame is a much different experience than cooking indoors over natural gas, it brings back the unique flavor to your cooking by infusing flavors of hardwoods and smokiness into meat and vegetables. There’s nothing you cannot cook over an open flame. In fact, it’s only limited by your imagination. If you have a favorite, you can find it in Beisswenger’s Grilling Department. All the major brand charcoals are represented:

Royal Oak                                                  Cowboy Brand                                         Kingsford

Big Green Egg Hardwoods                     Napoleon Charcoal                                 Fogo Brand


But don’t stop there! Continue to enhance the flavor of your meat by adding smoking chips or chunks to the cooking process. These types are added to the coals to allow smoke to infuse the meat. Typically fruit-bearing or nut-bearing trees are used. Using fruit-bearing tree chips tends to have a lighter and sweeter flavor when added to the cooking process. Using nut-bearing wood tends to lend itself to stronger smoke flavors. It is often stated that chips and chunks should be soaked in water prior to use, but this is not true, they should be used dry. When soaked, all they do is steam before allowed to smoke. The cooking is often inconsistent or wasted because of timing.


Pellet cooking is newer to the market. Pelletized hardwoods are typically used in the smoker type grills with hopper units attached to one end. During this process, pellets are slowly added to a heat source to keep temperatures constant using a digitally monitored probe. Beisswenger’s carries eight different flavors of hardwood Pellets:

Apple                                                           Cherry                                                   Hickory

Oak                                                               Mesquite                                              Maple

Alder                                                            Pecan