Beisswenger’s Services

Fear that old snow blower, lawn mower or chainsaw is a goner? Fear not just yet! Bring your broken or out-of-tune equipment to Beisswenger’s and let our power equipment service experts diagnose and fix the problem.

Equipment Repair

Don’t get stuck paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for new power equipment when a simple repair is all you need.

Lock Rekeying

Are you moving into a new house, renting your property to new tenants, or parting ways with a pesky roommate? Change your locks!

Equipment Rental

From lawn aerators to log splitters to appliance dollies, make Beisswenger’s your one-stop shop for Minnesota equipment rentals.

Window & Screen Repair

Don’t let a smashed window or a torn screen door ruin your week – a complete replacement might not be necessary.

Trap Rental

Bid “good riddance!” to pesky pests with Beisswenger’s extensive rental selection of live traps for Minnesota critters.


Beisswenger-recommended installers of water heaters, water softeners, faucets and toilets, and repairs on all plumbing products.

Our service experts approach their diagnoses with a great deal of attention to detail, asking the right questions up front to properly assess the situation and recommend a repair strategy. Sometimes, they can recommend a simple fix that customers can do on their own (saving time and money); in other cases, Beisswenger’s experts tackle the tougher problems with ease. With more than 50 years of experience repairing small engines, we challenge you to find a job that our service experts can’t handle.

In addition to a full range of power equipment and hardware store services, we also rent equipment. Customers looking for a lesser commitment than buying can take advantage of our extensive rental offerings , including lawn/garden tools, power tools and small engine equipment. We also rent live traps to catch animals of all sizes – from rats and squirrels, to skunks and raccoons.