Do you replace sockets and\or cords on lamps?
Yes we do. Just leave the lamp with us and we can replace the socket and\or cord. We’ll call you when it is done.

Do you repair small appliances?
It depends on what needs repair. If you simply need the cord replaced, no problem. However, if the problem is larger, we’ll take a look but make no guarantees that it can be repaired.

Do you service and repair John Deere equipment?
We do not service or repair John Deere equipment. We are not a John Deere dealer; therefore, we cannot get parts for them.

Do you service any other power equipment brands other than what is shown in the store?
Even if we don’t sell the brand you have, we can probably fix it (except for John Deere). Call our power equipment service department to learn more.

Do you mix custom color paint?
We carry Valspar paint and color chips. If you don’t see a color you like with the Valspar color chips, you can bring in a different brand’s color chip or even a piece of cloth and we can match it.

Do you sharpen scissors and shears?
We have an outside service that sharpens different types of blades. Whether you have scissor or a circular saw blade, just bring it into the store, we’ll send it out and call you when it is done.

Do you fix thermal-pane windows?
We do repair most thermal-pane windows. Every manufacturer is different, so bring it in to learn more.

Do you cut the new electronic keys?
We can cut most of the electronic keys. Bring your key in and let one of our sales associates look it over. They’ll tell you if it can be done.