The Bird Department

Beisswenger’s Bird Department

You have to stop in and see it to believe it! Here at Beisswenger’s, our bird department contains over 2,000 unique birdhouses, bird feeders, bird seed, and accessories. From novice to expert enthusiasts alike, you will find the largest selection of birding products in the Midwest. Born from Mark Beisswenger’s personal passion, we have what you need to attract the most beautiful birds in the state. Our products are hand picked, based on personal experience, and designed for the bird populations of Minnesota.

Our enthusiasm and expertise for these beautiful creatures is unrivaled. Jeannie (also known as the bird lady) and manager of the bird department is our resident avian expert. She can set you up to attract any kind of bird in the area – from the common species such as Cardinals and Robins, to less common species such as Purple Martin and Orioles. Jeannie can help you select the correct food, feeder, birdhouse, and offer personal advice on how to make your property a welcoming haven for birds.

Personally Selected Bird Seed

Bird DepartmentAll of our bird seed is personally selected mixes of premium quality seed and delivered twice weekly to ensure freshness. Each of our seed selections provide the proper nutrition for each of Minnesota’s bird species, because we understand that natural habitats are declining and a varied diet is crucial for a bird survival.

Bird lovers from across the Midwest travel to Beisswenger’s for their unique and expansive selection of bird supplies. Stop in to see it for yourself!