Beisswenger’s Plant Guarantee Policy

Beisswenger’s Plant Guarantee Policy


Beisswenger’s guarantees its annuals to be healthy at time of purchase. We will do our best to provide you with all the necessary information to succeed with your purchase and provide you with the support throughout the growing season. Our plant guarantee does not cover plant death due to negligence, acts of god, or environmental factors.

Your responsibility as a gardener includes…..

Plants must be transplanted in a timely manner.

Plants must be well cared for until they are planted.

Beisswenger’s plant guarantee covers all zone hardy perennials, shrubs and trees (hardy to zone 4) to be healthy at time of purchase and for 1 year after purchase. To redeem your guarantee and return your purchase, please provide the original store receipt (credit card receipts do not provide the correct information), plant tag (identifying botanical name, barcode, and pricing), and the dead plant.

Plant returns will only be accepted from June 1st to September 15th. This gives some seasonal shrubs and perennials a chance to break dormancy. Some are late in breaking the soil surface and need the warming soils of late spring to sprout (Perennial Hibiscus comes to mind).

There is a “one time” plant guarantee replacement on your plant material. It is fact that some plants just don’t like certain locations in the garden.

Because of the seasonality of our industry, plants must be returned for “like” product. What may typically be in stock one day may sell out for the season the next day.

Cash returns will be honored for sale price at the time of purchase, not the full value of the plant itself.

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