Natural Guard HuMic by Fertilome

What is Natural Guard HuMic Soil Amendment?

You have heard us shout about the benefits of adding Natural Guard HuMic (formerly known as “Soil Conditioner”) to your lawn fertilizer program. HuMic contains a naturally mined mineral called leonardite that amends the soil and enhances the benefits of any fertilizer applications. Leonardite is weathered brown coal that contains humic acid, hence its name. These humates are a mild acid that dissolve the minerals in soils and make them available to plants. Humic acid is particularly effective at dissolving phosphorus, which is a primary plant nutrient that plants need for healthy growth. These humates also help aerate the soil and increase its ability to hold water.

Promoting a Healthy Life Within the Soil Natural Guard HuMic Soil Amendment

HuMic promotes microbial growth, a vital component to a sustainable and healthy soil structure. The humates become a food source for the soil bacteria. As these bacteria grow, they decompose the organic matter in the soil into smaller nutrients that become available for plant uptake. Humus is the end result of this decomposition, helping to loosen clay soils, retain moisture, and allow for healthy nutrient exchange.

Not All Nutrients are Available

HuMic also helps promote greater efficiency in fertilizer applications. All soils have metallic nutrients within their soil structure. Most often they are at levels sufficient for plant growth but may be bound to the soil particles and insoluble in water. The chelates in fertilizers pull these metals away from the bond with the soil and allow for plant uptake. The humic acid helps facilitate this chelation process.