Fertilome’s Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer



Fertilome Winterizer Lawn FertilizerOut of all the possible seasonal fertilizer applications to your lawn, Fertilome Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer is the most important application you can make. The season end goal of any lawn fertilizer application is to put back that stored energy into the root system. That energy is lost over the course of the current growing year. When used as directed, Fertilome Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer aids in increased winter hardiness. It helps build better root systems and promotes sturdiness in plants weakened by too rapid of growth. It’s an investment into next year’s growth cycle. Your lawn will green up quicker without the excessive shoot growth associated with the earlier spring fertilizers. The stored carbohydrate levels (i.e. stored energy) remain high throughout spring. During the stressful summer months, and your lawn becomes less susceptible to disease problems.


Lawns always seem to be hungry!

A typical lawn requires 1-4 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet each year, 1 pound for low maintenance and 4 pounds on a high maintenance program. A standard lawn fertilizer formulation consists of a 25-0-6 ratio, referring to percentages of the individual nutrients. That means, for a standard 5,000 square foot lawn (typical city sized lot), that one bag of fertilizer will apply just 0.65 pounds of nitrogen every 1000 square feet…..if my math is correct. Most lawn programs recommend 4 applications per year. And by year’s end, your lawn is hungry! It has gone through periods of growth in the spring, heat stress during the summer months, and more growth during the cooler temperatures of fall. It has expended all of its stored energy growing throughout the year.