Garden Center

Our garden center is a true hidden gem in northern suburbs of the twin cities. From beginner to the master gardener we carry all of the tools necessary to make your gardening lifestyle more successful and enjoyable. Our garden center goes way beyond just carrying the plant varieties to make a good garden, we want to fill your life with the beauty and grandeur of this world’s plant complexities. Each year new introductions, as well as the tried and true, fill our garden center with inspiration. We are passionate about our plants and that passion goes beyond our greenhouse’s. Our growers do their homework to ensure the gardener is successful with the best varieties on the market. Our growers are also part of the community which means we keep the local economy growing strong.

Helping in your Success

We know that Mother Nature can sometimes be unkind. Constant forces are at work that can prey on the beautiful gardens you have created. The way we combat these forces has changed over time. Each year there is new chemistry, pesticides are constantly analyzed for their efficacy and potential to harm the environment. Our professionals can effectively diagnose any problems and provide you with the right control that fits into your lifestyle. While our garden center focuses on plants, we want to ensure your gardens success and its growth. We are one of the largest suppliers of Fertilome products in the Twin Cities.

Staying Current with Trends

We understand that knowing where and how your fruits and vegetables are grown is important to your families healthy development. So we’ve gone beyond the basics and have chosen varieties that may reach into your ethnicity, heirloom varieties that bring back childhood memories, and the newer hybrids which carry greater disease resistance and higher yields.

Lawn Care is Our Specialty

One of specialties is lawn care. We don’t just give you a 4 step program. In fact, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” program. We understand that every lawn is in a different state of health and we can provide you with step by step instructions for peak nutritional balance. We don’t just want to sell you unnecessary applications, we want you to take pride in your lawn. Run, Jump, and roll around in your lawn knowing that the roots have strength and in peak physical condition.