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A Bitter Winter! How does this Weather affect the plants in our Garden?

There are two types of killing freezes that affect overwintering plant material. The first is a ground killingMinnesota Killing Frost Gardener's Page freeze. The second is winter burn, typically affecting evergreen species.

We know from trying to dig in spring that frost moves into the ground. We also know that plants can survive these low temperatures as rated by their hardiness, we are considered zone 4 on the hardiness map. That hardiness rating is based on a ten year average of low, and also high temperatures. In zone 4, plant species should hardy from minus 20 to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mole Damage

As winter passes and we march toward spring, the snow quickly melts from our landscape. And what to our surprise are all these miniature pathways that appear in our lawn? It looks like a racetrack! Have little elves spent the winter tunneling beneath the surface? Well no, we have moles.

Moles are small mammals up to 6 inches in length. They have cylindrical bodies, a long pointed snout, small rear appendages, large, strong front paws just made for digging, little eyes (just used to detect light and darkness), and a short stout tail (used to detect obstacles when backing through a tunnel).