Bird Food

Want to feed your feathered friends, but don’t know what kind of feed to buy? Offering 35 different options, Beisswenger’s is the place to buy specialty bird feed for Minnesota birds. We carry birdseed, suet cakes, suet plugs, suet nuggets, finch food, Oriole nectar and jelly, Hummingbird nectar, fresh and juicy mealworms, ladybug food, lacewing food and butterfly food.

In addition to carrying well-known brands such as Stokes, Perky Pet, and C&S products. We offer high quality custom mixed bird seed formulated for species in Minnesota. Our specialty seed is delivered twice a week, making it the freshest option for buying bird food in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

According to Jeannie , manager of the bird department, feeding birds is part of the Minnesota quality of life. Simply put, those who feed birds tend to be happier, healthier and live longer lives. Stop in to see Jeannie and learn how feeding birds – and feeding them the right food – can give you a more fulfilled life.