News and Events

Beisswenger’s Hardware is a busy place, with news and events happening year round. Our product lines change seasonally and yearly to bring you the very best in top name brands, as well as new introductions.

From the Garden Center

Great news from the garden center! For the past few years we have renovated and energized our garden center to become a year round entity. We understand that gardening is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle that sometimes defines who we are. Our extensive line of plant care products are chosen to provide you with a successful gardening experience, indoors and out. While new introductions can be fun to trial in the garden, tried and true plant varieties fill our indoor and outdoor spaces. Our goal is to provide you with quality plant material and the product support to create a landscape that provides an escape from this hectic life we are living.

We have worked hard to provide an inner atmosphere that is pleasant and well organized to shop. But now our thoughts have turned toward our outdoor environment. A business property can be a sterile space. But there is no reason that it cannot compliment our environment and provide a visual vista for a growing community. Our goal is to provide plantings that can provide a visual vista, while incorporating plant species mutually beneficial for bees, butterflies, and birds. Perennial gardens will greet guests at our driveway entrance. Trees and shrubs will fill the once sterile islands that define our parking lot.

News and Events for 2017!

As part of a new learning tool, a section of lawn has been reclassified as “bee friendly“. The current organic movement can bring many obstacles and is ever changing. We will learn together the challenges in converting a once heavily chemically treated gardening category into an environment that promotes health of the soil and a habitat for foraging beneficial insects.